Professional Qualifications

Single winter benchA license from the College of Psychologists of Ontario (CPO) is your guaranty that your psychologist is one of the best trained mental health professionals in the world. Here is how I earned my psychologist’s license.

After my BA Honours in psychology, I earned a PhD in experimental psychology and a post-doctoral re-specialization in clinical psychology from the University of Ottawa. This amounts to twelve years of doctoral training including 5000 hours of work placements and internships. I did these placements and internships at the Centre for Psychological Services at the University of Ottawa, the Centre Hospitalier Pierre Janet in Gatineau, the Ottawa Carleton Detention Centre, the Roberts Smart Centre (a treatment centre for adolescents), and a variety of schools and nursing homes.

Following my clinical re-specialization, I did two years of scientific research with Dr Stéphane Bouchard, one of the world’s leading authorities on therapeutic processes and cyber-psychology.

The CPO is extremely demanding; extensive doctoral level training is just the first requirement. Before registering someone as a licensed psychologist, the college demands that candidates do another one to two years of supervised post-doctoral practice, and that they pass three more sets of exams. When I had completed all of these requirements, the CPO issued me my certificate of registration and authorized me to use the title of clinical psychologist.

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